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Electric Bicycles HQ is your go-to destination for all things e-bikes. Our site offers the latest news, reviews, and tips to help you stay informed and get the most out of your e-bike experience.

electric bicycle, handlebars, shifter
electric bicycle, handlebars, shifter

About Electric Bicycles HQ

Electric Bicycles HQ is a website dedicated to the exploration of e-bikes through articles and reviews. Our goal is to share this journey with others and provide valuable insights into the world of e-bikes.

green and black bicycle helmet on bicycle handle bar
green and black bicycle helmet on bicycle handle bar

Welcome to Electric Bicycles HQ! I'm Cody, a recreational cyclist with a background in mountain and road bikes, now diving head-first into the world of electric bicycles.

My journey with e-bikes began on a memorable trip to Inishmore Island with my friends and wife. We were rained on the whole day, but the silver lining was the e-bikes we were riding. Gliding around the island effortlessly, even in the rain, was such an enjoyable experience that it sparked a fascination in me for these incredible machines.

This website was born out of a desire to challenge myself, grow my skills, and broaden my knowledge about e-bikes. I decided not just to learn for myself but also to share this journey with others. My goal is to bring you along as I explore, learn, and understand the dynamics of e-bikes, their features, benefits, and everything in between.

Expect to find a variety of articles and reviews about e-bikes and accessories on this site. Whether you're a beginner looking for your first e-bike or an experienced rider seeking to upgrade, I hope to provide information that is useful, relevant, and engaging.

I believe that we all continue to learn throughout our lives, and this journey with e-bikes is my current path of exploration. So, let's embark on this electrifying ride together!

Thanks for joining me on this adventure. Feel free to reach out with any questions or thoughts.

Happy riding!